Monday, July 31, 2006

Goodbye President Bartlet. Hello Josh!!

After 7 seasons, I saw the final episode of the West Wing last night. I find the end of this show kindof painful, as I have been watching it religiously for the last 5 years.. I discovered the series (well to be honest had it forced upon me) whilst I worked/lived in Brussels, and would watch the DVD's all weekend when I was stuck out there by myself working.. So the fact that it's over now leaves me kind of empty.

However, I can now rejoice in the fact that Aaron Sorkin has obviously not been in jail too long for posession of illegal substances and has got 2 of my favorite actors in his new series Studio 60!

Brad Whitford and Mat Perry. Now this is my idea of heaven. I love both of these guys. Brad Whitford, cause he was Josh from the West Wing. Not only did he have some of the best lines, but he was funny, crazy, sarcastic and cute. Mat Perry because he was the definitely the best thing about "Friends". I even loved Fat Chandler better than Skinny Chandler.

Aaron thankyou. You've made TV worth while again.

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