Tuesday, July 25, 2006

War On White

Electrolux have declared a "War On White" in their new range of household appliances. They say they've taken inspiration from different design principles including fashion, interior decoration and architecture. These fridges are part of their Screenfridge range which is a state of the art fridge with an LCD screen on the door to allow it to be programmed (with what exactly I'm not sure... maybe it'll note what you've got in there and then give you ideas for dinner? Oh look, it's cheese on toast again).

Whilst I think they are really cool, you'd have to hope that in 4 years time you wouldn't hate the floral pattern, or the way that the fridge lights up the entire kitchen in an LED blue glow... still, if you've got the kind of cash to spend on this sort of thing in the first place, you've probably got the cash to get rid of it when it is longer a la mode.. These fridges do kick arse of small mini bar fridge I've got in my kitchen...

Ah, to be able to get to the milk without having to bend down and move the miniture bottles of JD out of the way... Sigh.

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