Thursday, July 06, 2006

Little peas made from little chicks. Délicieux

I feel very proud today. Every week I go to the supermarket at lunch, and come out with food for the "week" which inevitably I end up not eating because I honestly have the attention span of a gold fish and get bored very quickly. Not this week though. No siree bob. Due to my thriftiness, I bought up big on hommous and felafels which were on sale, and have been living on a consistent and (now seemingly never ending) diet of hommous, salad, and fellafel wraps.

Since moving to the UK, I have discovered the what can only be described as fantastic world of chickpeas. I have to have my daily fix of my favorite pulse.. I will use ANY excuse possible to pop open a can and use them in a meal.... left over cold couscous? Need some chickpeas in that to bulk it out. Got some chorizo? Don't have it on bread, have it in a salad with roasted peppers, rocket and chickpeas. Ordering a take-away curry? Surely we can spend an extra £3.50 and get Chana Masala. Besides, it's not an authentic take away unless you're not lying on the floor with an exploded and painfully full belly, groaning as you try to finish the last mouthfuls of chickpea curry... Once, whilst home with a cold, I desperately wanted some crips, so I dragged my sad carcus up the stairs to the kitchen to make some hommous. From scratch. After I brought him down a bowl, the Flat-Mate (who works at home) wanted me to stay everyday and make him random snacks.. (It has to be said that, no, I do not use dried chickpeas, and I do not soak them overnight, then boil them for an hour with a carefully prepared bouquet of herbs, because frankly, they cost 40p for a can, and I can not be arsed. It's not very authentic, and this is one of the reasons I haven't chucked my day job as a nerd to become a chef.)

A few observations:
  • If you put regular tortilla wraps in the toaster for a while (not so long they burn) and let them cool, they crisp up into some real yummy and crispy chips. Perfect for scooping hommous. And working out what to do with those annoying left over wraps that end up sitting there getting mouldy after you've bought too many for that Mexican meal.
  • Cathedral cheese comes in little individual portions, which is fantastic if you're anything like me, and once you open a family block of cheese, you just can't stop nibbling at it (they are like my pringles). This with some spring onions and homous is delicious..
  • It is not high maintenance to sit at your desk and scrutinse each piece of watercress before you eat it, especially if it comes from one of those chlorine washed bags which have been in the fridge for 4 days. I can be hard work sometimes, but that's just a necessity.
  • I can not spell at all today. Bouquet. Why do my fingers want to spell this 'bouchet'?

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