Friday, July 07, 2006

365 Days Later

It's been a year today since the bombs ripped apart London, and any feeling of safety I had in this capital. I can't deny that almost every day I get on the tube to go to work, I think about it. And I have to confess sometimes when I'm alone on a train, even now I still start to panic. I think about what those people must have felt when it happened, or the fear of the people on the train with them, or my own fear when I realised I would have gone through the tunnel near Aldgate at the same time as one of the bombs went off if I was ever on time for work. And I feel like a coward when it takes all my strength to not run off the train at whatever station I'm on.

Whatever god you pray to, I hope he keeps us safe, even though I know that's too much to ask. My thoughts and prayers go to all those who died and their famillies.

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