Monday, July 10, 2006

Faster than you can say "Get Off The God Damned Pitch"

So the World Cup is over again for another 4 years. All in all, the feeling I have most about this tournement is, well, disappointment. First from Australia being robbed of extra time by the now World Cup champions. Then for England being knocked out by the cheating Portugeuse. Then Germany losing to Italy (again watching Italy).. and finally for France losing on penalties. That means all the teams I was rooting for due to my nationality, my soon to be nationality, my nationality of one of my parents and the nationality I would one day love to be, all lost.

If you'd read past posts you'll know I lost spunked an awful lot of my partially hard earned cash on poorly chosen bets during the World Cup. I did finally find a way to stop my loses though, It wasn't following tips from the awfully good Calvstar site (though they did do exceedingly well, as they won 142.2 points (though Mappy got 133 of them on his own, so what the rest of them are doing god knows (ha!)). No if you want my tip on not losing money, here it is, direct from me to you. Do NOT log on to BetFair. At all. Every team I put money on got knocked out, because I do obviously control the 'verse, and a football team will lose not because their players did badly, or because they were playing against diving cheats, or because they had players sent off for losing their cool, but because I put money on them, and the universe does not want me to win. Ever.

However a couple of good things have come out of it:
  1. We saw Ronaldo blubber like a spoilt child. Anything that makes that git cry is good. (Waaaaa! I got subbed. Waaaa! I fell down! Waaaaa! I dropped my lolly pop!!)
  2. Despite the dissapointing end, the mighty Soccerroos didn't embarrass themselves and did make it out of the group stages. If it's good enough for the Netherlands, it's good enough for us.
  3. I won £12 from the company sweep thanks to France. And the girl who had Italy left the company last week so now I'm on a mission to try and convince people that the prize money should go, if not exclusively to second place, then at least to second and third... This was working well until until people found out that the crusader for this change in prize money is me, and I stood to gain £32..

Finally, as a quick aside, one has to marvel at the speed in which things happen on the net. It was barely 24 hours ago that Zizou decided to use his head as a battering ram and knock the Italian lad off his feet, and already already there are internet games you can play. Grab your own red card right here

Very amusing.

Update: The original link no longer exists, however you can find it here too:

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