Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy To Serve

I've been bursting to post about these cool ceramic coffee mugs, but couldn't as I was waiting to give them to my friend my friend Calvin for his 30th birthday (happy birthday Calv!), but since he now has these safely collecting mould in his dishwasher, my self imposed ban can be lifted..

The famous NY greek paper cups apparently around since 1963 have made into a ceramic mugs, for, essentially, a pretty non cheesy souvenir of NY, and are available at www.wearehappytoserveyou.com . If you're in London, you'll be pleased to know you can get them at the Design Museum at Shad Thames, otherwise I guess you'll have to get them online.

I think they are really cool, though if you're in NY, you probably think they're as kitch as getting a Beefeater from London...

Still, at least someone is happy to serve..

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