Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pimp That Snack!

In the never ending glory that is the internet, a very cool site I've found is "Pimp That Snack". Here people take everyday snacks and document how they've pimped it, i.e. disassemble it, work out what goes in it, then make a massive version of it, documenting their work the whole time!

Some of the best ones include Jaffa Quake (done by the posh food critic from The F Word):

And the GIANT Oreo (which I have to say looks mighty impressive!)

Started in April 2006, when Pete (aka Pimp Daddy) bought a Peanut Butter Kit Kat and decided to reassemble it by replacing the Peanut Butter inside the bar with some store bought variety. After documenting his triumph on a website, he received a lot of interest, and he turned the concept into the PimpThatSnack website.

Each project has details and pictures of how they were constructed, and makes for some really fun reading. Some of my other favs are the giant flake, and the giant alphabet soup (though I only really like the noodles, as I never liked the yucky tomato soup it came in anyway) and the giant chocolate digestive.



Anonymous said...

There's a couple of books by Todd Wilbur called Top Secret Recipes that include McDonald's French Fries, KFC Extra Krispy Chicken, Carl Jr.'s, Burger Kings, Taco Bell etc recipes. Made large they're really fun. Also Jo Whiley made a giant Cadbury's creme egg on her Radio 1 show this easter, very, very sickly stuff.

Trying to "Panda" said...

Would that mean you could use a giant turkey leg to make a KFC extra krispy chicken piece? OOhh think of all the batter.... yummm

Anonymous said...

My favourite is Kenny Rogers Roasters Corn Muffins. They have the recipes from KFC for extra crispy chicken, Honey BBQ Wings and Mc Donalds Breakfast burrito, get Calvin to lend you the book