Saturday, September 09, 2006

High Heeled Skank

I'm getting ready to go out clubbing for the first time in ages, mostly to watch my baby cousin dj at a night club I used to go to about a decade ago.. (god that sentence has made me feel old). So talking to his fiance, I casually asked "so what are you wearing?" and I got the run down of what I can wear:

Skanky - which is a shirt worn as a dress, and high heels
Bling (hmmm i dont think so)
tight jeans and sloppy boots

hmmm..... nothing in my repetoir of clothes really fits this bill... it's like being in High School again and going to the dance, where the boys school would come to our girls school and all the cool girls would dress up in the latest cool fashion, and I would turn up in jeans and a flannel shirt, (remember the days when flannel was cool? no? cause it never really was), and stand against the wall with some of my friends like sados, lauging and pointing as girls would have their faces sucked off by over enthusiastic 15 year old boys.

Tonight could end up being a disaster... but at the very least I'm going to check out my good friend Al's pad, and drink copious amounts of wine before I go and make a complete tit of myself...

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