Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Around, not round

On a packed train this morning:

Me: So, after the Run London, are there any more 10K runs happening before the end of the year?
K: Yeah, one in about a month.
Me: Any later on in the year?
K: Not sure, why you thinking of doing it?
Me: Well, kind of I guess... I'm not a runner, but you know... maybe..
K: Ah you want to run around, so you can stop being round eh?
Me (eyebrows knitting with displeasure): hmmmmm
K: You're going to blog this aren't you?
Me: You can bet your arse I will.


tm said...

what a c*nt.

k said...

Dear tm, you don't think the writer may have used a bit of artistic license when relaying that particular conversation?

Trying to "Panda" said...


tm said...

of course not, the author is sweetness and light.