Thursday, October 26, 2006


I've had a rash on my eye lids for months now, culminating with the skin on my eyelids drying out and cracking - which is especially painful when you tears get into your eyes. If you're defective like me, every time you yawn tears come streaming out of your eyes like you've turned on a faucet, then you end up screaming cause your eyelids feel like their burning. (nice).

After months and months of procrastinating (and because I didn't want to go to the doctor just because my eyes had some bad skin.. how uber high maintenance is that?), I finally went to the doctor who took one look at my eyes and diagnosed me with seborrhoeic dermatitis. eeeww. to me this sounded gross, but it just means that my immune system was in overdrive to handle a form of yeast that everyone has on them (that's right people we're all covered in yeast. Look at your arms: yeast covered.. legs? yeast covered too... neck, face, throat back? uh-huh.. that's enough to send a paranoid person off the edge). Apparently it's not that common, and about 3% of adults get it. Doctors don't know why it occurs in some people and not others, since it's not contagious, it just happens. Much like stuff or shit.

When I got home from the docs, the Flatmate asked what was wrong with me, and when I told him I what I was diagnosed with he said "no way. That's what I've got!". Snap! We then went and compared prescriptions, swapped stories of pain and woe, and showed each other the areas where our skin was breaking, much like a couple of proud lepers.

We're such a caring, sharing pair the Flatmate and I - if only it wasn't the sharing of the same uncommon disease, it would be almost sweet.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure he didn't give it to you ?

k said...

I love it - Panda the proud leper.

k said...

So is that the same as Hansen's disease?

k said...

Panda: My neck is sore - can you rub it?
k: No. I'll probably catch something...

Trying to "Panda" said...

k: YOU'RE YEAST COVERED TOO! I'm looking at you now! You're infested with yeast! YEAST! YEAST! YEAST!