Friday, October 20, 2006

Trump this

I've just finished watching the last episode of the third season of the american version of "The Apprentice" (yes, I know, I watch alot of tat on tv), and I am incensed and outraged. Here in old Blighty this show is only on at very, very late at night on BBC2. Plus, doing a quick scan on the net, I've just realised that we are about 2 years behind, because I think they're filming season 410 now or something, with a very, very, very old Donald Trump and his masterpiece wig (because lets face it kids, he clearly went bald at 20, and the thing with the most talent on this whole show is definitely his tupee. I mean LOOK AT IT!).

This is the second season I've watched this show, and from what I can gather, the "Apprentice" gets to do a high profile, high risk, and challenging job working in the "Trump Organisation". This 3rd season it has ended with two girls bitch fighting it out to sell their souls to high business. So what do these ladies get to choose to do as the reward for months of slogging it out against a bunch of backstabbing, arsey people, doing incredibly stupid tasks to be able to show a rich man they can make him even more money than God? What is their reward I ask you? Is it good? Is it challenging? This season, the two girls got to choose between:
  1. Redecorating a house on Palm Beach.
  2. Oh, now wait for it, cause it's every girls dream: organising Miss World!
Yup you read right. Organising MISS FREAKING WORLD. Oh WOW! Dream come true girls! Let's spend our time working out which tiara would look bettter on the stick like and clearly anorexic girl in the two piece see through swim suit, who only wants "world peace", a big fat pay check, possibly a sex scandal with a millionaire or politician, and her yearly supply of tanning oil.

Fuckin' hell. What a completely patronising, pathetic, insulting show. Ooh, organising Miss World. If the Apprentice is the way to get ahead in this world, I'll just stick to being a lowly programmer, because at least that way, I won't have to work out if cerise or baby pink looks better on a sash.


k said...

Surely that's a comb over rather than a syrup?

A chuisle said...

ha! yes, i hate that show. i didn't last longer than the first season and that's because it was on between shows i liked at the time. i don't even remember what they were....i think it was friends!!! that's a while ago!


Empress Bee said...

he is certainly strange, isn't he?

Trying to "Panda" said...

Yup, he is a very strange guy.. not as strange as his rug though