Monday, October 23, 2006

Not so dainty letterpresses

I have a confession to make: I am in love with stationery and stationery related paraphernalia. Honestly, nothing is sexier to me than lots and lots of beautiful paper, pens, paperclips, staples, pacers (self propelling pencils if you from the UK).. you get my gist.. I'd spend days in paperchase just walking around, looking at blank handcrafted paper if it didn't make me look like such a loon... and if I could get away with it without being man handled out of the store by my friends..

At the moment, I am particularly in love with letterpress stationery, and these two companies have definitely caught my eye, because of their incredible tongue-in-cheek cavalier attitudes:

Paperstories do this fantastically halarious range called "bittersweet" which I adore. This range includes such lovely phrases like: "suck it", "thanks for nothing" and "sometimes i just hate you".

Ella Studio do a similar range, with these really cool notebooks. They also do a range of cards, gift tags in the "pinup" range (above).

There is something deeply satisfying about letterpress which take the piss like these ones. Mostly because I always associated letterpress stationery with wedding invitations, and obsessive bride-zillas who want every part of their wedding to be so damn perfect, and lord help you if the invitations aren't gold embossed with tiny flowers on them. To them I say:


Alex said...

Niiiiice stuff! I'm definitely with you on this - letterpress prints/nice paper/stationery are great. One of the things I always spend a ton of money on in Japan is washi, their gorgeous hand made paper (looks like this. Paperchase on TCR has some on the top floor that you'd probably like :)


k said...

Brilliant, I might design something similar for my email signature.

Not a Cookie Cutter said...

I dig it...although for my wedding invites we designed our own(kinkos style) and sent them in a bottle, since we were married on a boat...I think I need some "this is fucking important" post-its for my new job..that will really make a good impression with my new coworkers.

Trying to "Panda" said...

Alex: I love the picture of the washi paper from Japan you've got. That paper is so beautiful!

It usually is the paperchase on TCR that I always try to make a break for when I'm in town, and where I always get dragged out of by my friends!

Trying to "Panda" said...

G: What a cool idea for a wedding invitation! i'm tempted to get some of those post-its too. Though I did find some which had superheros on them, with speech bubbles where you write your notes that are really cool too!