Friday, October 27, 2006

Your Friday Moment of Zen: There's nothing as scary as a clown

I wasn't a big fan of Sony's "ball" ad (possibly because it was filmed in San Francisco and I'm not a fan of that town), but I do love their new "paint" ad for the Bravia. Directed by Jonathan Glazer, the man behind the horses running through the surf ad for Guinness, this was filmed in July this year on a soon-to-be-demolished council estate in Glasgow using 622 bottle of paint bombs, 455 mortars, 57 kms of copper wires and 1700 detonators! I especially love the fact that when they made this, they had to cover the surrounding houses in tarpaulin to prevent them getting splattered with pain, and paid for trips to the seaside and discos to local residents to compensate for any disruption.

There are loads of "in the making of" films on youtube, like this one and this fantastic 5 minute documentary:

For a detailed analysis check out the bbc's page here

There you go, paint and scary clowns. A true Friday moment of zen. Enjoy!

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Not a Cookie Cutter said...

That commerical is amazing!