Friday, October 06, 2006

Your Friday Moment of Zen: To all the toys I've loved before

In the office we're embroiled in a "discussion" (read war) about which kids toys were the best when we were young:

Guy 1: "Action man was the coolest"
Guy 2: "No GI Joe was better - he was bigger and taller"
Me: "You realise that they're all still dolls right?"
Both guys: "No way! They're 'action figures' not dolls!"
Guy 2: "GI Joe can't be a doll, he had a car."
Me: "So did Barbie. A pink convertible. Face it fellas, all the boy dolls only existed to be boyfriends for Barbie anyway"

I'm not getting into the lego vs mechano vs whatever else is out there. Let's just face facts: Playmobil is the best. I did say this, and mentioned the fact I never really got into Lego, which sparked this exchange:

Guy 3: "Well, that's probably cause you're a girl, and girl's don't really play with Lego. I don't want to say anything prejudiced but.. "
Me: "Too bloody late for that don't you think?"

This Friday moment of zen is dedicated to Playmobil: My dad bought me the Knights Empire Castle below when I was 4 years old. I also go train sets, and a Playmobil train station, road construction sets, and Playmobil warehouses. I think he really had wanted a boy. But still I loved them anyway. I guess I never was a girly girl...

Friday Moment of Zen: Sponsored by toys you had when you were young. Enjoy!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yeah the boys played with the boy dolls. and called them action figures. right.

hey, i like nutella too! good stuff!

nice blog!


tm said...

Eval Kineval stunt rider. That was awesome.

Anonymous said...

No the best action figure of all is the Mr T doll from the A team, he's about 30cm high with his denim dungarees and gold medallions and lives in my loft. Do you think he's worth anything on eBay ? Or would my brother kill me for selling him ?

Trying to "Panda" said...

You should definitely threaten to sell Mr T when he's not behaving properly!

Trying to "Panda" said...

Your brother I mean, not Mr T, because he can't misbehave being an inanimate object and all!

k said...

You crazy fool

k said...

I'm guy 1 and Peter's guy 2 and neither of us said that and what we did say was much cooler.

calvstar said...

pink barbie cars were used by Action Man who would drive with Barbie until they got to the top of the stairs when Action Man would ruggedly jump out at the last minute leaving Barbie to plummet to her doom.....Action Man would get up dust himself off and say to a now poleaxed barbie who had been cruched by her car "that's for giving me cooties!"....what happened afterwards was me being chased by my big sister for throwing her car down the stairs but it was totally worth it

Anonymous said...

and breaking it in the process, for which you will burn in hell !

Why do you think I'm holding Mr T to ransom !

Give me back my doll (as Mel Gibson would shout)

calvstar said...

Actually I'm not sure it was a Barbie car....wasn't it Cindy? I thought mum wouldn't let you have Barbie as she was "to slutty".

that's why action man drove her to her doom as she was to plain for him and he wanted Barbie instead, Action Man is a very shallow man

Anonymous said...

Actually it was a Barbie car and it was hot pink ! Sindy I think had a caravan which I didn't even want. And Barbie probably commited suicide by throwing Action Man out of the car and driving off the precipice of the stairs when she realised that compared to GI Joe, Action Man was a bit queer. So There !