Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Talk about rejection!

I've been involved in the interview process of new people at our company for the last few months. I've looked through about 50 CV's (most of them get filtered out before it gets to my stage), and interviewed about 15 people now. After months of searching, we'd finally offered 2 people jobs. Both accepted, both were supposed to start next week.

Last week, the first guy who accepted called us to let us know he was just offered a placement at a corporate graduate scheme he had applied for previously. That's kind of fair enough. He did say he had gone of that position when we interviewed him, and but he hadn't heard back from them, and that was what he'd set his heart on. Ok. It was a shame, but you know, no hard feelings.

Today however, the second guy, who I wasn't convinced was going to stick around anyway, changed his mind about us. Just like that. No mention of another job, no mention of why he'd changed his mind. Nada. Nothing. So how did he let our manager know he didn't want to work for us? Did he come into the office? Did he call someone on the telephone? Did he send a "Dear John" letter in the post? Like fuck he did. He weasled his way out via email. Via email. He didn't have the balls to, at the very least, call us up on the telephone and explain. What a complete coward. When a company offers you a job that you accept, if you decide to change your mind, a week before you're supposed to start, you ought to have the guts to actually speak to someone, not do it via the impersonal and frankly pathetic medium of email. What a complete git.

Then to top it all off, we were about to go into an interview this afternoon for yet another applicant, and 15 mins before he's due to come in, he calls up and leaves a message with reception saying he's just accepted another job. 15 mins before the interview.

What is wrong with people these days??

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Empress Bee said...

it would seem work is a four letter word..... bee