Tuesday, June 20, 2006

£2.19 per hour

£2.19/hour. That is how much I made on the Spain-Tunisia game last night. And when you consider that a game lasts for 90 minutes, and that I sat here betting and laying back my bets for that entire sodding time, and I'd made 5 bets in total, and the most annoying fucking thing is that I could have made £12 from the final score (3-1), but 3 mins before Spain won their 3rd goal, I shat myself worrying that I could lose £6 if the score stayed at 2-1, so I lay that score again. Thus all that hard word, stressing, calculating, betting, has left me with a GRAND TOTAL of £3.29.

Therefore, we can calculate I am earning from my betting £2.19/hour. This is NOT a salary that's gonna keep me in a life style that I've grown accustomed to. A lifestyle where I can, I dunno, pay the rent, or eat food.

And whilst I am painfully and slowly clawing my way back to the top, to rub salt in the gashing and heamoragging wound that is my betting career, the Flatmate now tells me he wants a laptop so he can watch what I'm doing and lay all the bets I make, because I'm guaranteed to lose. Laugh it up fuzzball.

I truly suck at betting.

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