Monday, June 19, 2006

Hang Your Bike

Ok, this next sentence sounds really, well, boring, but I have to say that this is such a cool bike storage device.. Designed by British company Cycloc, I saw this a few months ago on design*sponge and even after I looked at their website, I couldn't work out what the hell was going on.. but this picture of the designer Andrew Lang at the ICFF show last month shows just how stupid I am.

This is a wall mounted bike storage device (I wanted to say gadget, but that's the nerd in me desperate to come out), which should fit any bike, simply by changing it's position on the wall. The bucket design means that you can put your odds and ends in there (like gloves and trouser clips (the universal emblem of sado cyclists everywhere (hey I use them!)) which, if you're anything like me gets strewn around the house, as you desperately try to get your breath back and clear the little black spots in front of your eyes after you cycle those crazy 3 miles home.

Obviously, it comes in a range of colours, but I quite like the green one.

Sold right here in Britain, this is one cool bike hanging tool.

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