Tuesday, June 13, 2006


HOORAH! We did it! Not only have we made it to our first world cup since 1974, we've also scored our first goal EVER in the competition AND we're now the only team in World Cup history to have scored 3 goals in the last 7 minutes! WE WON 3 GOALS TO 1!!!! Timmy Cahill you're now one of my footballing heroes! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! OY OY OY!!!

My fellow Aussie pundits and I went to the Hogshead near my work to watch the game, all in our Australian Gold Socceroos shirts. The pub was quite full of football mad Aussies, praying that we were not about to completely embarrass ourselves. You'd think a massive group of flag drapped, aussie gold wearing, kangaroo waving Australians would be the tour de force here. But no. This lone Japanese girl was louder than the rest of the pub combined. And she cheered and barked like a squeeky chihuahua. Which meant when Japan scored their completely cheating goal (which had all of us on our feet screaming "YOU DIRTY CHEATS! YOU DIRTY CHEATS!") the girl was squeeling "YES YES YES YES" à la Meg Ryan, but more whiney, and sometimes in a pitch that only her chihuahua friends could hear.

It's at games like the Australian-Japan one where you come to realise exactly what type of football supporter you are. You could:

  1. Be really happy just because you're team has finally made it to the World Cup, despite the fact that you're losing for 84 minutes. Smile at the Japanese girl while she screeches as they score and whenever anything vaguely goes the Japanese teams way. At the 84th minute, when you're team score the equalizer, you cheer enthusiastically, on the 89th minute, when you're team score their second goal, you cheer again, and when they score their third goal 4 minutes later, you politely clap, and give the lone, now deflated Japanese girl a sympathetic smile, saying "It's alright, you've still got 2 more games? Maybe you guys will beat Brazil, and still make it into the next round? Good luck!"
  2. Be really happy just because you're team has finally made it to the World Cup. Scream at the screen when the Japanese score their only goal "REF! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? IS THIS A FUCKING JOKE? OPEN YOU'RE EYES YOU TWAT! THEY PUSHED OUR GOALIE! REF!! CHEATS CHEATS CHEATS!!" (Cause he obviously can hear you all the way in Germany). Scrowl at the Japanese girl the entire game, hoping that her voice box collapses, cause honestly how can anyone make that sort of noise for 84 minutes? Mutter under your breath "stupid game, I fucking hate football. Why doesn't she just shut the fuck up.". When your team score the equalizer, jump up and down, screaming, crying, hugging you're mates. When they score their second, bang on the table trying to make as much noise as possible and jubliantly scream "YES! YEEEEESSSSS!!! EAT OUR GOAL! EAT OUR GOAL!", and when the third, beautifully executed goal finds it way into the home, turn around the now deflated Japanese girl and yell "IN YOUR FACE SCREECHY! You're not so noisy NOW ARE YOU".
Yeah, I think you can work out what sort of supporter I am... I am mean. But we won, and I don't care...

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Anonymous said...

And you looked resplendent in your canary yellow t-shirts. k