Thursday, June 22, 2006

L'arbitre est un branleur

Yes yes YES!!!!!! After 90 nail biting, ear piercing, screeching, gut wrenching, nauseau indusing minutes, the MIGHTY SOCCEROOS have made it into the final 16 teams!!! YES YES YES!!!

Plus, in my true betting style, I backed the following bets:
  1. Half Time: Draw, Full Time: Australia
  2. Half Time: Draw, Full Time: Croatia
  3. Half Time: Australia, Full Time: Croatia
  4. Viduka: to be booked.
Did any of them come in? Of course they bloody didn't. Viduka, good as gold. Scores: Half Time: Draw, Full Time: Draw.

But I do not mind one iota. As far as I'm concerned that £4 was a wise and sound investment because obviously whatever I bet on, doesn't win, and we just needed a draw to go through.

However, this does not explain my title today. From now until the world cup ends I am going to try to put up essential football swears in 5 different languages, so that you too can swear at the cheating referee who gave 3 yellow cards to a Croatian player, and forgot to send him off by screaming at a telly near you:
  • El arbitro es un parjero (spanish)
  • Der Schiedsricheter ist ein Scheisskerl (german)
  • Arbitro cornuto (italian)
  • L'arbitre est en branleur (french)
  • The referee's a wanker (english)

Watch this space for more insults soon.


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