Thursday, June 29, 2006

World Cup Edition: We Can't Hear You

World Cup Edition: Random insult in 5 languages

Ok so despite the fact that the mighty Soccerroos are no longer in the world cup (thanks to that painful cheating last 15 second penalty on Monday), I am going to continue to do my random world cup editions. Hopefully if you're team is still in the World Cup, you'll find this one useful (though possibly more useful if you're actually at the game... )

  • No cantais mas (spanish)
  • Ihr singt nicht mehr (german)
  • Non cantate piu (italian)
  • Vous ne chantez pas (french)
  • You're not singing any more (english)

Genre: Insulting opposing fans
Used when: Having just conceded a goal, the opposition crowd firmly shuts up. This is a mandatory response, emphasising their silence, and causing deeper despair at their loss.

Come on anyone but Italy!

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