Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Battle of the Barbies

No not the tall overly big breasted dolls, whose philosophy in life I never quite got into or else I'd be living in a pink penthouse, driving my pink convertable, and even though I was with Ken, I'd really be thinking about GI Joe.

Nope, this is more the burning type of barbie.. We recently had a get together at our tiny apartment, which involved 2 BBQ's on our verandas - what our place lacks in space, it more than makes up with in verandas (3 very, very small ones).

In one corner, manned by the 6ft 4 Aussie man, was the big, clearly ready for shrimps and snags Aussie version:

Despite the stereotype, I've actually never in my 28 years ever 'thrown a shrimp on the barbie' before...

On the other corner, manned by one of the shorter British boys was their Fischer and Pikel version:

Nuff said really.


Anonymous said...

Ahh but you're not a true barbie connoisseur until you've cooked your Christmas dinner on one, stuff the fact it's flippin freezing out there.

A chuisle said...

I enjoy your blog...I found it on the bestest blog of all time's link list. I'm going to link to your blog if you don't mind, and I'd love for you to link to mine.


Trying to "Panda" said...

Hi Kerry,

I'm glad you liked my blog. I really liked your review about the Lakehouse! Damn straight you can't mess with the space time continium!

I've linked you to my blog, http://tryingtopanda.blogspot.com thanks for linking me to yours!